Tout reno V is an entrepreneur specialized in renovation

We focus on quality at the best price!

Honesty, careful work and expertise: that is our motto!

Your role is to tell us about your dream home. Our role is to build your dream!

35 years of experience says it all!

<br /><h1 style="text-align: center;"><span style="color: #ffffff;"><strong>ENTREPRENEUR IN RENOVATION - MONTREAL, LAVAL ET RIVE-NORD</strong></span></h1>





For our honesty !

For more than 35 years, transparency with our customers is part of our dynamic. We are there to meet your budget within the required timeline to meet your needs. You can count on us !



Devotion to understanding and your peace of mind

The basis of our understanding is through communication whether verbal or design; to minimize errors and omissions at every step of the renovation process. Every project represents a challenge offering an opportunity for us to apply our expertise. We dedicate ourselves to achieving excellence, pride, and full satisfaction to our clients.



For our perfectionism !

Our passion towards our performance are the unwritten details that make the difference. We do it with respect and conscience of how our work will be used by the end user.




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