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As we often say, “making new from old” can be a delicate and difficult undertaking. But not when you call upon the expertise of Tout réno V. No matter the complexity, we make it simple.
Do you want to succeed in your project? Call upon the team of experts at Tout réno V. We will take care of you!

We are also able to restore historic buildings in accordance to the “rules of the art”, thanks to our expertise in this field, With our works, a patrimonial home can easily be transformed to accommodate modern conveniences and comply with energy efficiency standards.

From foundations to roofing, not to mention floors and partitions, we are able to carry out works worthy of your confidence. Building, rebuilding, renovating or restoring homes; while respecting their original detailing and design style, is what we yearn for. It is our corporate motto. Where the old co-exists with the new and vice-versa.




  • Assessing Your Needs
  • Materials choice
  • Establish budget and priorities
  • Design and sketch
  • Planning of work
  • Work execution
  • Final Inspection


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